Providing food, shelter and care
for abandoned COWS

How can I help?

Care for Cows maintains abandoned cows, bulls, retired oxen and orphaned calves. We are volunteers who offer our talents and resources to tend to the neglected cows living in Krishna’s holy land. We provide medical attention, nutritious food, clean water and lifetime accommodation. At present, we host a herd of about twohundredfifty at Kiki Nagla and we feed abandoned cows on the streets on a daily basis, but many more innocent cows urgently require help shelter. Here’s how you can help.

For India:

Care for Cows Charitable Trust

HDFC Bank Vrindavan

0942 145 0000026


HDFC 0000942


For USA:

USA PayPal:

For Europe:

PayPal account:

For European SEPA countries, please use this bank account:

NL15 TRIO 0338677208

Stichting Care for Cows NL

Triodos Bank, the Netherlands

Bic/Swift Code: TRIONL2U

Sponsor the Resident of Your Choice

It costs US $ 35 - Rs. 2000 per month / US $ 420 - Rs. 24000 per year to maintain a cow. Choose a resident and send payments either monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Life Adoption Program (LAP)

It costs US $ 420 - Rs. 24,000 to maintain a cow for one year. The average lifespan of a cow is twenty years, thus the cost to maintain a cow for life is US $ 8400 – Rs. 4.8 lakhs. However, when US $ 3333 – Rs. 2 lakhs* is placed in a fixed deposit, it generates enough interest to maintain a cow. And when the cow passes on, the funds remain to maintain another one. Be a LAP member by donating US $ 3333 - Rs.2 lakhs * and offer perpetual go-seva.

* 2 lakhs is required for cows of 3 years and older.

   2.5 lakhs is required for cows younger than 3 years.

Feeds Cows for a Day

It costs US $ 1 dollar – Rs. 65 a day to feed a cow.

Decide how many cows you want to feed:

Feed twenty cows = US $ 20 - Rs. 1300

Feed our whole herd US $ 50 – Rs. 3250

Feed Cows a feast on that Special Day

Feed Cows a feast on your birthday, anniversary, when a child is born, in honor of a departed loved-one, etc. It costs US $ 2 – Rs. 130 to feed a cow a feast.

Feed a feast to twenty cows = US $ 40 - Rs. 2600

Feed our whole herd a feast US $ 100 – Rs. 6500

The herd’s regular diet is hay, barley porridge, wheat bran, chickpea husks and fresh grass. For the feast we add jaggery and fruit (bananas/guavas/carrots/apples according to season).

Sponsor our Monthly Medical Expenses

Our medical expenses are an average of US $ 250  - Rs. 16250 per month.

General Donation

Donate as much as you like for go-seva. These donations will go for maintenance and other practical necessities like feeding pans, water buckets, cow bells, blankets, grooming brushes, ropes etc..