Providing Food, Shelter and Care for Abandoned Cows

Care for Cows Vrindavan

Kurma Rupa, the founder of Care for Cows, once described Care for Cows as follows: "It is a place where we just simply protect the cows. It is a place where we bring in cows that have either been injured, or they’re suffering from malnutrition, or some disease, and we bring them in and try and recuperate them – try and bring them back to good health. And then we keep them here.”

Care for Cows Vrindavan is not only dedicated to taking care of its four-legged residents, but also to increasing awareness, providing education and taking action regarding cow protection (go raksha), as taught in the Vedic scriptures. At present we maintain about 300 cows, bulls, oxen, and calves in two locations throughout the sacred precincts of Vrindavan. Additionally, we help to feed a part of Vrindavan's street cows on a daily basis as well.

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HG Kurma Rupa, founder of Care for Cows 

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