Lali was born in December 2002 and joined Care for Cows on 5 July 2003. She came from Jait which is a village about 10 kilometers from Vrindavan. Her former owner was walking Lali to Vrindavan to abandon her in front of the Krsna Balarama Temple as there are always many pilgrims there who feed cows. He knew that if he abandoned Lali in Jait, she may find her way back home. Just on the outskirts of Vrindavan he saw the Care for Cows facility and stopped so they could drink some water. He told the cowherd men of his plan to dump Lali in front of the temple. They told him it was a sinful thing to do and he started crying. He confessed that it weighed on him but as he was a poor farmer and since his sons had become useless alcoholics, he felt he had no choice. It just so happened that an hour before our arrival a pious man had offered a donation to sponsor a cow for a year. The cowherd men discussed and agreed that the sponsorship could go to Lali so she was admitted, to the great relief of her former owner, and to her great happiness. Lali fit in the herd well, but could be quite grumpy and even a little agressive sometimes towards humans. With a lot of love, patience and even more treats, staff members were able to gain her trust. Lali became very peaceful in the period before leaving her body and enjoyed all the attention she got. Lali left her body on 4 August 2018.