I was born at Care for Cows on 3 April 2014. I am the first calf born to Meera and she was especially affectionate to me. I heard the cowherd men talking about the glories of my mom… that she was a great milker and so on. She was born at Care for Cows so I am a member of the second generation. I am a big boy now, but still like to behave like a little child. I love to get everyone’s attention and will do everything to make you brush or pet me. I also still like to hang out with my mom. She recently taught my how to climb in the feeder. I heard it’s a family trait – my dad, the big bull Bholanath, also likes to stand in the feeder –  so it’s vital that I learned how to do it too. I like to sit in the feeder and look around to see what is going on, I like the view from up there and it makes me feel like a King.